The best TLDs for international businesses.

Online competition is too hard! To be visible and memorable among millions of domain names that already exist is a massive challenge. There are different factors to consider for building a successful domain name. Today we will talk about the best TLDs for international businesses. Yes, a TLD can make the difference! 


The .com (commercial) is one of the TLD pioneers on the Internet. It was created for commercial websites and implemented in 1985. After more than three decades, it has built a trustable reputation, and it’s still a solid card to play to bright on the Internet. It’s not tied to rules or conditions. It’s open for everybody interested in registering it. Time ago, not only commercial but also nonprofit or private individuals could use it.

It has really been ingrained in people’s minds. Just think how many times, while requesting a domain name, you have instinctively typed .com? 

.com is a high demanded TLD. Therefore, availability could be an issue.


The .net (network) is another open TLD people or entities can register. It was created for domains related to a computers network or umbrella websites working as portals for smaller sites.

Users’ perception of it is positive. It provides credibility, trustability to domain names. It has been around long enough for people to remember it. So it’s a strong choice for your international business!

It’s ideal for businesses that offer services or tools linked with networks, ISPs, databases, web hosting, etc. But all kinds of industries are using it due to its global popularity.


The .store is becoming popular. It’s short, strong, and very intuitive. Obviously, it’s a great alternative for e-shops, but all types of services are currently using it. Users have well-accepted it, and it shows good levels of memorability. It can perfectly work for your international business.


Created for professions or professionals, to associate your international business with this TLD can be a good decision. It implies that you are an expert, a leader, a person, or an entity with the right experience in your specific field to be reliable. Your domain name can combine very well with .pro.

Its use is not restricted to certain professions. To be recognized around the world as a professional in your field is totally positive. You can get the trustability people to look for. If you want to try a fresher TLD, .pro is a very good choice!


This .global TLD clearly states your business’ size and purpose of being present all around the world. No matter the industry or business you own .global is strong, clear, trendy, short, and easy to remember. It’s open for registering for anybody interested. The association of your domain name with this new TLD has all the potential of being a winning combination.


Biz is a short way to express “business”. Especially on the Internet, the use of abbreviations for words is very common. In that sense, biz to mean business is widely used. The TLD .business exists too, but .biz sounds fresher and innovative. If this is the kind of image you look for for your online business, .biz can be a great match.

It’s not restricted to specific industries or businesses. It’s easy to remember. From first sight, people will know you are ready to do business!

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The TLD can boost or affect your chances of being found online. And it also influences people’s perceptions about your business. Choose it wisely!