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7 Tips for Global-Friendly Website

Here we have the best 7 tips for a global-friendly website that will boost your popularity sky-high. Are you ready to beat the competition? Implement the following tips, and you will rule the world!

Choose a domain name with Latin letters

Those of you who don’t know what Latin letters mean, they are the standard letters that we use in the English language. The main point is, don’t use Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic, or any other strange alphabet. It could be a great decision for a local site, but for a global-friendly website, it is not. No visitor will install a dedicated keyboard layout just for your site.

Use a short and easy-to-remember domain name

It will be far easier for all your visitors to remember it if it is short. If you are just starting, try to create a memorable brand, or if you have already, keep only the essentials when choosing a domain name. Go ahead and consider the vast number of generic TLDs like .biz, .business, .shop, etc. It is better to find a nice match with one of them than a misspelled .com domain name.

Multi-lingual is more global-friendly

So, you have visitors from Mexico, France, the USA, China, and other countries. Then think about them. A true global-friendly website must have versions in many languages, matching your visitors. Some are a must – English, Spanish, Chinese, and even French are used all around the globe, but if you have a significant number of visitors that speak another language, you can invest in one extra. This tip applies to the website’s menus, products and services descriptions, navigation, and blog.

Post more media and less text

A great tip to reduce the stress on your translators is to use more media files and less text. Put pictures, videos, audio, and more. The more people see, the less you need to describe in the text. Using photos and videos, you can easily show the parameters of a product, like its dimensions and materials.

Multi-lingual customer service is a must

And when we are on the topic of languages, don’t forget the customer service. What better way to show interest to your international crowd than to speak in their own language. Again, you don’t need to provide customer service in all languages, but you can do it strategically. A way to make it more affordable is hiring customer service agents who speak at least two of the desired languages. If people with the language you want to add are very hard to find in your country, you can hire a distance worker. There are many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Frelancer.com.

Boost the DNS resolution

DNS Resolution? If it is too technical for you, let me explain it. Before somebody enters your site, they need to find where it is. Its IP address. Your browser performs this process of searching the IP address of a domain, and it takes time. You can get a paid Managed DNS service and use many DNS servers to boost that speed. 

Use a CDN for static content

To use a content delivery network is a handy trick that keeps a copy of your assets – pictures, videos, etc., in different servers, apart from your web hosting. Those servers are located around the globe, so your visitors can reach them faster. Getting a CDN service will extra boost the speed and your customers’ satisfaction.


So, now is the time for implementation. Chop-chop! It is time to make your site internationally famous!